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Orientation Programme for Parents

- Team effort for all round development of the Child


“Better tomorrow is achieved from today that is best”.  The thought was brought to life through a series of Orientation Programmes conducted in St. Cecilia’s Public School for parents of the students of Class Nursery, I, VI and IX on different days in an attempt to aware the parents and seek their support and co-operation in the holistic development of the child.

On 27th and 29th March 2017, the Orientation Session was conducted in the Junior Wing at Vikaspuri and on 30.03.2017 at Junior Wing, Rajouri Garden for the parents of Nursery students.  The Orientation Programme was conducted by the Head Mistress Ms. Bhawna Vij and Ms. Shweta Sharma respectively.  The interaction made the parents aware about the day to day teaching methodology, curriculum designed for easy learning and the importance of these developing years of a child’s life.

Class I Orientation Programme was conducted on 28.03.2107 by Primary Wing Co-ordinator Ms. Meena Rawat.  She talked about the need and importance of formal education and early learning years.  The parents were informed about the introduction of new activities and events that help in the overall development of the child.

Class VI Orientation cum Counselling session was conducted on 01.04.2017 by Middle Wing Co-ordinator Ms. Arti Parab.  The parents were told about the changes in the promotion assessment policy and new curriculum year planning as per the latest CBSE guidelines.  The parents were also told about the discontinuation of CCE Promotion Policy and CCE academic policy.

Class IX Orientation Cum PTM Session for parents of Class IX was conducted on 22.04.2017 by Senior Wing Co-ordinator Ms. Pooja Sharma in two different sessions.   The parents were made aware that Class IX is a turning point in a child’s life.  It is also a very challenging class as CCE has been discontinued.  The parents ere informed regarding changes from CBSE such as introduction of Pre-Mid Term, Mid Term, Post Mid Term, 100% syllabus to be included in the annual examination etc. to the parents.

The school counselor Ms. Neha M. Vohra talked to the parents after each Orientation Programme talking about the teamwork of parents and teachers.  She also talked about various adolescent issue, growing up, learning disabilities, etc. with the parents.

The Orientation Programme for all classes had good turn out to aware parents to join hands in the objective of inspiring and encouraging students to become competent individuals.