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Best Wishes to class X and XII for CBSE Board Exam. Wishing you success and meritorious result. | New Academic Session 2018-19 shall commence as follows Class Nursery(C-12 and J-9)- 6.4.18, Class Prep(C-12 and J-9)- 4.4.18, Class I- 5.4.18, Class II to V- 4.4.18, Class VI to IX- 3.4.18 and Class X and XII- 14.3.18 | Students have to come in Summer Uniform from the commencement of the New Session | Students must report to school by 8:25am daily. School gates will get closed at 8:30am sharp. Latecomers will not be allowed to enter the school after 8:30am |

Workshop on Adolescence – An Insight into fruitful and successful life


Schooling is an important stage in any individual’s lifespan that often leaves a lasting impression on the individual’s personality, well being and future academic and professional success.  During school year, academic burden, parental expectation family issues and peer pressure may result in child or adolescent developing emotional problems.

St. Cecilia’s Public School hosted a workshop on how to address emotional difficulties of adolescents in schools for Class IX students.  Reputed psychologist Dr. Gagandeep Kaur addressed the students in an interactive session talking about depression, anxiety, anger, self image, identity and child’s self concept.  The students were made aware how adolescents go through a phase of rapid change in their physique, attitude and behavior.  Students were equipped to handle the various difficulties in their emotional, academics and social relations through a series of games and role play.

The students were made to see the student-teacher as well as student-parent relationship in a more positive perspective and develop skills to confidently help adolescent students.

The reflective exercises and thought provoking videos enabled students to understand emotional problems, academic difficulties, social and interpersonal issues.  The students benefitted immensely from the workshop that provided answers to many questions that arise in the adolescent minds.  The students expresses gratitude to Madam Principal for conducting a mind opening workshop giving students an enriching experience.