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PTM for class IV-VIII will be held on 22.7.17. Kindly attend the PTM between 8:30am to 11am | PTM for class I-III will be held on 15.7.17. Kindly attend the PTM between 8:30am to 11am | Pre Mid Term Exam for class IX-X will be held from 15.7.17 to 21.7.17. Kindly check the date sheet on the school website | Class X improvement of performance (SA-2) Dates, 6.7.17-Maths, 10.7.17-Social Science, 12.7.17-Science | Class XII Unit Test (Busi. Studies / Pol.Sc. / Chemistry) scheduled for 7.7.17 has been postponed to 25.7.17. | Korea India Friendship Essay competition on 8.8.17. Kindly check the circular regarding the competition on the school website | Students must report to school by 8:25am daily. School gates will get closed at 8:30am sharp. Latecomers will not be allowed to enter the school after 8:30am. |
Date Name of the student Class Event Position
29.4.17 Ishman Kaur IX-C Poster Making Competition I
29.4.17 Agampreet Kaur IX-A Poster Making Competition II
29.4.17 Khushi Vashisht IX-B Poster Making Competition III
29.4.17 Anshita Kashyap X-B Slogan Writing Competition I
29.4.17 Mishka Rana X-B Slogan Writing Competition II
29.4.17 Srirupa X-C Slogan Writing Competition III
29.4.17 Diya Sharma XII-C Banner Making Competition I
29.4.17 Kriti Vaid XII-D1 Banner Making Competition II
29.4.17 Aryan Rana XII-A Banner Making Competition III
4.5.17 Jasleen Walia IX-C Science Debate Competition I
4.5.17 Madhur Chhabra IX-D Science Debate Competition I
5.5.17 Tushar Pathela X-D Science Seminar I
5.5.17 Ujjwal Sharma X-D Science Seminar I
5.5.17 Medhansh Kapoor X-C Science Seminar II
5.5.17 Jahanvi Bhatt X-C Science Seminar II
5.5.17 Aditya Ahuja X-B Science Seminar III
5.5.17 Gautam Juneja X-B Science Seminar III
11.5.17 Nipun Sharma XII-A Science Seminar I
11.5.17 Simarpreet Singh XII-A Science Seminar I
11.5.17 Shubham Kumar XII-B Science Seminar II