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Career Counselling Workshop on Defence Services


On 4th May 2018, St. Cecilia’s Public School, Vikaspuri took pride in the opportunity to welcome worthy Ex Indian Army Officers Major Sunil Chopra and Lt. Col. Malik as guest speakers for a career counseling workshop on Defence Services. The workshop aimed at familiarizing class XI and XII students with the possibilities of pursuing careers in defence forces after completing class XII.

The interactive sessions of Major Sunil Chopra highlighted defence services not as a vocation but as a lifestyle. He listed the wonders, adventures, respect, benefits and social life that a defence personnel and his family leads. The students felt inspired and motivated to consider NDA, IMA, CDS Examinations for a brighter future. Madam Principal thanked the speaker for sharing valuable experiences and guiding the students. She also encouraged the students to work towards joining the Defence Services for serving the nation.

The session ended with a fruitful exchange of questions by students which were answered by the speakers to better equip the students. The workshop was indeed informative and beneficial for the students who felt that career in Defence Services is a noble path.