Glimpses of Landscapes of India – a cultural bonanza




The Cecilian campus reverberated with euphoric applause as parents and invitees appreciated the rich cultural bonanza ‘Landscapes of India’ presented by Class IV students on 15th and 16th May 2019 in the school campus. Esteemed invitees blessed the young presenters with their benign presence. Honourable Madam Manager Mrs. R. Bhumra, Respected Madam Principal, Academic Advisor Mr. G. P. Sharma accoladed the talented budding cecilians for their enthused and zealous presentation.

The students exhibited 100% participation as each and every student was encouraged and motivated to come on stage and showcase their talent. Different dance forms of four major landforms i.e. mountains, plains, deserts and coastal plains were presented by the students dressed in colourful folk costumes of the region. Student narrators very confidently anchored the complete presentation.

The proud parents clapped all through the cultural event to express their joy and glee at the perfect show put up by the students of class IV. Madam Principal praised the hard work and dedication of the teachers and students for the excellent gala event that led to the onset of summer break 2019.