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Workshop on Self motivation – Happiness is an inside job


The phrase was aptly exemplified in the lively and fun loving interactive workshop for teachers on Self Motivation at St. Cecilia’s Public School, Vikas Puri on 1st July 2017 by renowned spokesperson Ms. Rakhi Softa Sharma. The spokesperson is a specialist in dealing with depression, anxiety and stress management.

Mrs. Rakhi exhibited an easy and simple way to a happy, healthy and successful life. She talked about how "A good teacher teaches but a great teacher inspires." Ms. Rakhi started the session by raising simple questions which brought out the importance of building a healthy inter-personal relationships specially between teachers and students. According to her the first step towards becoming an influential self motivated teacher is to build a trust, then to bridge the generation gap, followed by refraining from being judgmental and the final step is to acknowledge the qualities and overlook the faults. This message was conveyed through a series of innovative activities.

Through pictorial presentation and fun based activities, she gave a detailed analysis of how to be self motivated and live a secure future. She enumerated various aspects of being happy and healthy as she busted various myths related to a healthy life. Her happy go lucky and down to earth approach won the hearts of the audience.The workshop was truly a life enriching experience for all the teachers. Madam Principal Mrs. R Bhumra expressed gratitude towards the spokesperson for enthusing new vigour, motivation and zeal in the teachers.