Quami Ekta Week (National Integration Week)

“In Natioanl Integration lies the power of the nation.”



With a view to foster and reinforce the spirit of communal harmony, Nationa Integration and pride in the composite culture of the country, the “Quami Ekta week” was observed in St. Cecilia’s Public School from 23rd to 27th November 2018.

A number of programmes and activities were conducted emphasizing the themes of ‘Secularism’, ‘Unity in diversity’ and ‘Role of women in modern India’. During the week, the school organised special assemblies whrein the students were sensitized on the issue of communal harmony and patriotism.

Elocution competition was organised for class XI, where the students delivered thought provoking speeches on various topics. Winning students were encouraged by rewarding them with medals and certificates.

Madam Principal appreciated the efforts students and the teachers.