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Teacher Training Workshop By Master Storyteller Simi Srivastav


St. Cecilia’s Public School, Vikas Puri organized a storytelling workshop for teachers of pre-primary and primary sections as well as all language teachers with the enigmatic storyteller and founder of Kathashala Mrs. Simi Srivastav on 01.07.17 in the school premises.

The workshop entailed Mrs. Srivastav engaging teachers in exercises that set the mood and built anticipation among all. She highlighted the essential elements of storytelling and demonstrated the techniques employed to captivate the audience. She enlisted the benefits of storytelling and shed light on how it caters to the three different types of learners. Selecting an appropriate story aimed at different age groups was also mentioned by her.

The faculty members were trained on “Creating Master Storytellers”. The session highlighted the importance of storytelling for therapy as well as for teaching. Due emphasis was given on several latent emotions of children can be brought to the surface with the help of stories and added that the main focus of storytelling should be to match the level of the child irrespective of their age. She also gave examples as to how storytelling can be an effective tool to convey messages of good behaviour and conduct and inculcate several values in the children

The session saw active participation and instilled more confidence in teachers equipping them with the art of narrating a story. The workshop was informative and enjoyed by all. Madam Principal Mrs. R Bhumra thanked the esteemed guest for her valuable time and presence.