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Congratulations to Dear Students and Parents for class X and XII 2023-24 CBSE Board Result. | Class XII CBSE Board Exam 2023-24 School Toppers Saksham Arya-97.4%, Mehar Bajaj-96%, Sriza Goel-95%, | Class XII CBSE Board Exam (2023-24), 100% scorers Saksham Arya- Accountancy and Business Studies, Jas Kamra-Computer Science. | Class X CBSE Board Exam 2023-24 School Toppers Sherel Rajput-95.8%, Manan Raheja-95.6%, Avni Kapoor-95.4%. | Admission is open for Class XI 2024-25 session for external students. For admission download the Request letter/Form from the school website. Submit the duly filled form along with the required documents at the school gate. | Admission open for session: 2024-25 – Class – Prep onwards. |

Co-curricular Activities

From Date To Date Co-curricular Activities Class Download
27-Feb-2024 27-Feb-2024 Spring Delight - Flower Show Primary Wing Download
25-Nov-2023 25-Nov-2023 Say yes to life - No to Drugs - E-Pledge campaign I-XII Download
25-Nov-2023 25-Nov-2023 Say no to crackers - Celebrate Green Diwali I-XII Download
25-Nov-2023 25-Nov-2023 ‘Phasing Out Single use Plastics I-XII Download
25-Nov-2023 25-Nov-2023 Celebration of Eco Friendly Dussehra I-XII Download
25-Nov-2023 25-Nov-2023 Cleanliness Awareness Campaign – Swachhata hi Sewa I-XII Download
10-Oct-2023 10-Oct-2023 Hariyali Mahotsav and One child one plant campaign I-XII Download
10-Oct-2023 10-Oct-2023 A tobacco Free Future Campaign I-XII Download
29-May-2023 29-May-2023 Shramdaan Activity Middle wing Download
27-May-2023 27-May-2023 Stand up Comedy Activity IX-XII Download
27-May-2023 27-May-2023 Solo Dance Competition VIII Download
25-May-2023 25-May-2023 Nukkad Natak Competition IX-X Download
10-May-2023 10-May-2023 Labours Day Primary Wing Download
29-Apr-2023 29-Apr-2023 Earth Day Pledge VI-VIII Download
29-Apr-2023 29-Apr-2023 ITC-Science Rekha Primary Wing Download
29-Apr-2023 29-Apr-2023 Poster Making Competition VI-VIII Download
28-Apr-2023 28-Apr-2023 Mother Earth Pledge Campaign IX-XII Download
20-Apr-2023 20-Apr-2023 Earth Day Celebration IX-XII Download
20-Apr-2023 20-Apr-2023 Earth Day Celebration Primary Wing Download
20-Apr-2023 20-Apr-2023 Shramdaan Activity IX-XII Download
15-Apr-2023 15-Apr-2023 Anti Drug Abuse Awareness Campaign IX-X Download
10-Apr-2023 10-Apr-2023 Mock Drill for Earth Quake All Download
15-Mar-2023 15-Mar-2023 Flower Show I-V Download
18-Oct-2022 18-Oct-2022 Swachhata Pakhwada I-XII Download
18-Oct-2022 18-Oct-2022 Tobacco Free Educational Institutions I-XII Download
18-Oct-2022 18-Oct-2022 Swachh Sagar Surakshit Sagar Campaign I-XII Download
20-Sep-2022 20-Sep-2022 Phasing Out Single Use Plastic IX-XII Download
15-Sep-2022 15-Sep-2022 Plastic waste management and Single use plastic IX-XII Download
19-Aug-2022 19-Aug-2022 Tree Plantation Drive I-XII Download
27-May-2022 27-May-2022 Phasing Out Single Use Plastic on Earth Day IX-XII Download
27-May-2022 27-May-2022 Anti Tobacco Day Middle Wing Download
27-May-2022 27-May-2022 Save Soil Movement IX-XII Download
17-May-2022 17-May-2022 Anti Drug Awareness Campaign IX-XII Download
14-Mar-2022 14-Mar-2022 Creating Awareness on Rain Water Harvesting among Students I-XII Download
03-Feb-2022 03-Feb-2022 Poster Making Activity Eco Club Download
17-Jan-2022 17-Jan-2022 Public outreach programme: E- pledge against drugs - Download
25-Nov-2021 25-Nov-2021 Ganga Utsav – A River Festival 2021 I-XII Download
26-Jul-2021 26-Jul-2021 Eco Club Activity IX-XII Download
26-Oct-2020 26-Oct-2020 Plantation Drive 2020 IX-XII Download
20-Sep-2019 20-Sep-2019 Jal Shakti Abhiyan 2019 VI-IX Download
20-Sep-2019 20-Sep-2019 Plantation Drive VI-XII Download
20-Sep-2019 20-Sep-2019 Swachhta Pakhwada 2019-20 I-XII Download
20-Sep-2019 20-Sep-2019 Cleanliness Drive I-XII Download
20-Sep-2019 20-Sep-2019 Water Conservation III-IX Download
13-Sep-2019 13-Sep-2019 Plantation Drive-Small steps towards greener Earth I-XII Download
23-Aug-2019 23-Aug-2019 Save Water, Save Life VI-VIII Download
21-Aug-2019 21-Aug-2019 Save Water III-V Download
20-May-2019 20-May-2019 ‘Best Out of Waste’ Inter Class Competition by Eco Club IV-XII Download