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Dear Students, Wish you good luck and all the best for your exams. May you perform well and succeed with flying colours. -Principal | Admission open for session: 2024-25 – Class – Prep onwards. | Dear Parent, Please be advised that mode of fee payment from April-2022 will be only through online fee payment link available on school website or Cheque/Cash | Parents are requested to clear the fee dues as early as possible. |

Manager's Message

Mrs. R. Bhumra

   Dear Parents and students,

When I look back at the glorious years of the past, I beam with admiration at the students’ success journeys that have created milestones for future generations to undertake.

St. Cecilia’s Public School runs as the pioneer establishment wherein the entire team commits with sincerity and integrity to build lives rich in virtues, talents, skills and dedication towards noble goals. Cecilian teaching staff has been maintaining a high standard of their earnest efforts in bringing an outcome that looks synonymous to holistic approach to education.

Our principled attempt is to create an army of disciplined, self-motivated, enthusiastic, curious and emotionally strong citizens that contributes in offering an advanced outlook to the society for the welfare of all. Envisaging such a future and the execution of new ideas in our teaching-learning process to give shape to it keeps us inspired for putting our best foot forward each day.

We attempt to achieve this by redefining our criteria of success and excellence exhibited by students. With the demands of the current times, it is essential to engage them in the process of learning, unlearning and relearning. The imperative qualities of critical and analytical thinking conjoined with value-based education take us to the desired results.

Keeping the future of our students as the topmost priority, we believe that – “Future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”. We are here to help the gifted minds to never give up on their dreams, despite the odds because dreams, when worked upon with the right attitude and values inculcated in school, result in a life full of service and contentment.

With the support of our cooperative parent community, we shall continue to be the touchstone of a future that is marked by prosperity, joy and gratitude.


Best Wishes

Mrs. R. Bhumra