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Congratulations. Class XII CBSE Board Exam 2021-22 School Toppers-Jaanvi Tehlan(96.8%), Harishankar Jaiganesh and Ridhima Arora(96.4%), Gurmann Singh Jaggi(96%) | Congratulations. Class XII CBSE Board Exam 2021-22 100% scorers Chemistry-Gurman Singh Jaggi, Computer Science-Ridhima Arora, Psychology-Jaanvi Tehlan and Anshula, and Physical Education- Jaanvi Tehlan. | Congratulations. Class X CBSE Board Exam 2021-22 100% scorers Hindi-Jasnoor Kaur and Niharika Chhabra, Maths-Saksham Goel, Nirmit Bhatia, Sriza Goel and Krish Jindal and Science-Mehar Bajaj and Sriza Goel. | Congratulations. Class X CBSE Board Exam 2021-22 School Toppers-Nirmit Bhatia(98.2%), Niharika Chhabra and Sriza Goel(97.2%), Rashmeet Kaur(96.8%) | Heartiest Congratulations to all the Class X and XII students for their Outstanding performance in CBSE Board Exam 2021-22. | *** Admission open for Class XI (2022-23) *** | Dear Parent, Please be advised that mode of fee payment from April-2022 will be only through online fee payment link available on school website or Cheque/Cash | Parents are requested to clear the fee dues as early as possible. | Stay safe during COVID-19 pandemic. Wear mask and follow social distancing |


Student Council Members 2022-23
Designation Name of the Student Class
Head Boy  Harsh Nain XII D2
Head Girl Devanshi Singh  XII A
Vice Head Boy Sachmeet Singh XI A
Vice Head Girl Rashmeet Kaur XI A
Cultural Head Adhya Gera XII D2
Dramatics Head Ivleen Kaur  XI D2
Sports Captain Samiksha Manaktala XII A
Equality House Captain (Boy) Bhavya Aggarwal X A
Equality House Captain (Girl) Niharika Raheja X A
Justice House Captain (Boy) Gaurav Arora X B
Justice House Captain (Girl) Amaira Singh X B
Unity House Captain (Boy) Parth Chopra
Unity House Captain (Girl) Siffat Kaur X C
Peace House Captain (Boy) Tanishq Bansal X D
Peace House Captain (Girl) Srishti Mehra X D
Junior Head Boy Gaurish Arora V A
Junior Head Girl Ananya Shree  V C
Junior Vice Head Boy Sukhjot Singh Bindra V D
Junior Vice Head Girl Pakhi Sharma V D
Junior Cultural Head Girl Khivleen Kaur V C 
Junior Cultural Head Boy Krish Nagpal V C