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Inter School Competitions 2019-20

EVENTS  (SPORTS) DATE School Venue POSITIONS & Name/Class of the Student
Table Tennis (Zonal) 06.08.19 to 08.08.19(Girls)

22.07.19 to 24.07.19(Boys)
Adarsh Public School - C- block Silver Medal:- Sr Boys- 1st Runner UP
1. Jaikaran Singh -XII D1
2. Nikhil  Arora - X
3. Jaskeerat Singh- XI
4. Manav Juneja - XII D2
Silver Medal:-  Jr Boys- 1st Runner UP
1. Soumil Suri - X D
2. Garv Sabharwal - X D
3. Meehal Malik - X D
4. Anuj Chawla - X C
Silver Medal:-  Sub Jr Girls- 1st Runner UP
1. Shaivi Dhuper- IX A
2. Tanisha Sadana- IX A
3. Harshish Kaur Batra- VI C
Bronze Medal:-  Sr Girls- 2st Runner UP
1. Aushka- XII C
2. Chahat Dhingra- XII- D1
3. Arushi Pathak- XII C
Roller Skating (Zonal) 25.07.19 Adarsh Public School Result: Gold Medal- 4
Silver- 4
Bronze- 2
Badminton (Zonal) 07.08.19 GGSSS Hastal, Uttam Nagar Sub Jr Girls:-
Result:-  1st Quarter - Clear
                  2nd Quarter- Fail
English Eassy Writing (Zonal) 01.08.19 Oxford Senior Sec School 1. Ishani Mallick XII B- Sr Girl
2. Nirmit Bhatia- VIII C- Jr Boy
Result:- Ishani Mallick (1st Position)
                Nirmit Bhatia(2nd Position)
Anuvrat Moral Singing (Zonal) 01.08.19 Anuvrat Bhawan, 210, Deendayal Upadhyaya Marg Result: 3rd Position:- Solo
English Poetry Recitation (Zonal) 02.08.19 Adarsh Public School Jr Boys:- Aarav Mehta- VI A Result: 2nd Position
Patriotic Song- Boys (Zonal) 05.08.19 Kamal Public School, D- Block Vikaspuri Result : 2nd Position
Hindi Poetry (Zonal) 09.08.19 Adarsh Alied School- D Block, Vikaspuri Jr Boys- Krishna Shukla VIII C Result: 3rd Position
Hindi Poetry (Zonal) 09.08.19 GSKV, G- Block, Vikas Puri Sr Girls - Lavanya Walia- XI C Result:  1st Position
English Slogan Writing (Zonal) 08.08.19 SKV- Uttam Nagar Tejasvi Batra(Eng) Result: 1st Position
Sanskrit Poem Recitation (Zonal) 13.08.19 St Peter's Convent School Jr Boy: Nirmit Bhatia- VIII C , Result:-  3rd Position
Punjabi Poetry Recitaion (Zonal) 13.08.19 Adarsh Aided  School- Vikaspuri Jr Boy: Brahmjot Singh - VIII B, Result: Consolation Prize
Monoacting (Zonal) 16.08.19 Rich Harvest Public School Result: Jr Boy- Aniruddh VIII C- 2nd Position
Hindi Declamation (Zonal) 19.08.19 Kerala Public School Sr Girl- Medha Gupta- IX C 3rd Position
Jr Girl- Niharika Chhabra- VIII C 3rd Position
English Declamation (Zonal) 20.08.19 Columbia Public School- vikaspuri Jr Girl- Niharika- VIII C 3rd Position
Zonal Chess (Zonal) 21.08.19 K.R,Manglam Vikaspuri Sr Girls:
Agampreet Kaur - XI B
Srirupa - XII B
Jr Girls:  Harshika - IX A
Kashish Sharma- XC
Zonal Chess (Zonal) 22.08.19 K.R,Manglam Vikaspuri Sr Boys: Akshay Marwah - XII A
Sourav Chandhok -XII A
Jr Boys: Pratham Asthana - X D
Prabhtej Singh- XI D2
Result: Girls won 3rd postion
Boys- Nil
Hindi Debate (Zonal) 22.08.19 Kamal Public School- D- block- Vikaspuri Sr Boys: Harsh Nain- IX A
Madhur Chhabra- XI C
Harsh Nain - IX A
Jr Boys :-Aniruddh - VIIIC
Pranav Jaikaria - VIIIC
Result- Jr Boys and Sr Boys - 2nd Position
Poster, Slogan and Science Slogan (Zonal) 23.08.19 SKV Hastal Preet Kaur- V B
Vanya Chhabra - VIII C
Ishani Mallick- XII B
Mankirat Kaur- V B
Shreyanshi Sareen- VIII C
Diksha Garg- X B
Tejaswani Batra- XII C
Result- Tejaswani Batra- Science Slogan 1st Prize
Basket ball (Zonal) 26.08.19 Brain International School, Vikaspuri Sr Boys: Sub Jr Boys
Won 1st Round
Yoga (Zonal) 27.08.19 G.CO.ED.SSS, Possangipur(janakpuri) Jr Girls
Ishita- IX D
Disha - IX C
Ishika Vashisht
Result:- Ishita- Rhythmic Yoga- 4th Position
                Ishika - Artistic Yoga - 3rd Position
Light Music Competition (Zonal) 28.08.19 St Cecilias Public School Utkarshdeep- VI C
Sukhwinder Singh- XI A
Bidipta Saha- IX C
Result:-Bidipta Saha- 1st Prize(Sr Girls)
Sukhwinder Singh- XI A - IIIrd Prize (Sr Boys)
Utkarshdeep- VI C- 1 st Prize(Jr Boys)
Handball (Zonal) 28.08.19 St Marks'Janakpuri Jr Boys: 10 Students
Sr Boys:- 10 students
Result:- Quarter Final Won 
Yoga (Zonal) 28.08.19 G.CO ED SSS Sub Jr Girls:-
Ishani Mudgal- VII A- 4th Position
Sanvi Garg - VIII D - 3rd Postion
Gurleen Kaur- VII B
Result:-Ishani Mudgal- VII A- 4th Position
Sanvi Garg - VIII D - 3rd Postion
Rope Skipping (Zonal) 29.08.19 Maharaja Agarsen Institute- Rohini-22 Girls: Double Dutch Single Free Style:-
Deepanshi - XII D2- 2nd Position
Khanank- XII B - 2nd Postion
Harshita- XI B- 2nd Position
Vanya- V-D - 3rd Position - Speed Sprint(Under 11 Girls) and Double Dutch Speed Relay
Sawni-V D
 Double Dutch Speed Relay:-
Palak- V D - 3rd Position
Jhalak - V D- 3rd Position
Simarpreet- V D - 3rd Position
Rope Skipping (Zonal) 30.08.19 Maharaja Agarsen Institute- Rohini-22 Boys:
Double Dutch Pair Speed(Under 17 boys)
Aryan- X A - 3rd Position
Vipul- X C - 3rd Position
Harshnoor - X D- 3rd Position
Yashik- X D- 3rd Position
Double Dutch Single Free Style
Shyam- IX D- 2nd Position
Nikhil - X C-2nd Position
Sam- X D- 2nd Position
Dashmeet- X- Speed Sprint(Under 11 Boys)- 2nd Position
National Science Exhibition (Inter Zonals) 30.08.19 Scince Centre, Karol Bagh Model Name:
Cleanliness and Health:- Ms Shashi Kalra
Swini Sareen- XI B
Shreya Dabral- XI B
Aquaponic(Soil Free Farming)-Ms Garima Shah
Naman Bhatt- IV C
Kashvi Prasad- V C
Aquaponic(Soil Free Farming)-Ms Garima Shah - 2nd Position won in Inter Zonal(Best 5) will go for next level                 
National Science Exhibition (Zonal) 30.08.19 GBSSS Bindapur Model Name:
Eduational Game- Escape Room:- Ms Neelam Shrivastava
Ashmit Malasi- X A
Harishankar Jaiganesh- X A
Krish Bansal- X A
Krish Goyal- X C
Smart Road:- Ms Dapinder-Ms Priyanka Chauhan
Atharv Patney -VIII D
Srishti Mehra - VII D
Solar Powered Bicycle:- Mr Ram Krishan Mishra
Siddharth Aggarwal- XI A
Science and Technology for Sustainable Development - Ms Meenakshi Uniyal
Nayan Ahuja- XI A
Cleanliness and Health:- Ms Shashi Kalra
Swini Sareen- XI B
Shreya Dabral- XI B
Aquaponic(Soil Free Farming)-Ms Garima Shah
Naman Bhatt- IV C
Kashvi Prasad- V C
Cleanliness and Health:- Ms Shashi Kalra- 1st Position
Aquaponic(Soil Free Farming)-Ms Garima Shah - 2nd Position                                                              won in Inter Zonal(Best 5) will go for next level                 
Yoga (Zonal)   G Co ED SSS- Possangipur Individual Yoga:
Tejus Batra- VIII D
Parth Kapoor- VII B
Daksh Khanna- VIII B
Rhythmic Yoga:-
Tejus Batra- VIII D
Artistic Yoga:-
Parth Kapoor- VII B 
Result:-  Parth Kapoor- Artistic- 2nd Position
Tejus Batra- Rhythmic- 4th Position
Archery (Zonal) 06.09.19 St Francis De Sales Sr Sec School- Janakpuri 1st Position:
Ansh Vij(compound) - Gold Medal
Kashvi Arora(Recurve)
2nd Position:-
Samiksha Manaktala(Compund)
3rd Position:-
Ashima Sandiya(Recurve)
Rudrani(Compound) - Gold Medal
KanishkBhatia- Participant
Kavyansh Jain- Participant
Hindi Poetry Recitation (Inter Zonals) 15.10.19 Govt Sarvodaya Bal Vidyalaya Lavanya Walia-XI C
Result:- Lavanya - First Prize
English Slogan Writing (Inter Zonals) 21.10.19 Shah International School, Paschim Vihar Tejaswi Batra- XII C
Bidipta Saha- IX C
Result:- Tejaswi Batra- 1st Prize