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ADMISSION : 2020-21



St. Cecilia's Public School
(Junior Wing)

C-12, Vikaspuri, New Delhi-110018
Admission Form
Admission Schedule: 2020-21
Admission Policy Criteria: Open / Reserved Seats

List of All Applicants

List of Applicants : General Boys

List of Applicants : General Girls

List of Applicants : Sikh Boys

List of Applicants : Sikh Girls

Amended List of Applicants with Weightage Points

Draw of lots for weightage points 50, 55 and 60 for Vikaspuri Junior Wing -all categories will be held on 15.01.2020 at St. Cecilia’s Public School, F-Block vikaspuri at 11:00AM. Only one parent with the Registration Receipt will be allowed to witness the Draw.

General Boys : 60 Points

General Girls : 60 Points

General Boys : 55 Points

General Girls : 55 Points

General Boys : 50 Points

General Girls : 50 Points

Sikh Boys : 60 Points

Sikh Girls : 60 Points

Sikh Boys : 50 Points

Sikh Girls : 50 Points

Instructions for Admissions Class Nursery

List of Eligible Applicants for Admission Class Nursery

                              Selected List   -   General Boys

                              Selected List   -   General Girls

                              Selected List   -   Sikh Boys

                              Selected List   -   Sikh Girls

                              Waiting List     -   General Boys

                              Waiting List     -   General Girls

                              Waiting List     -   Sikh Boys

                              Waiting List     -   Sikh Girls

Dear Parent

In compliance with Delhi Govt. Circular, school will remain closed till 31.03.2020. Safeguard yourself, your ward and your family against Corona virus. Further information shall be given once the prevailing situation gets better.


St. Cecilia's Public School








School Status : Minority - EWS / DG Admissions not Applicable