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Congratulations to Dear Students and Parents for class X and XII 2023-24 CBSE Board Result. | Class XII CBSE Board Exam 2023-24 School Toppers Saksham Arya-97.4%, Mehar Bajaj-96%, Sriza Goel-95%, | Class XII CBSE Board Exam (2023-24), 100% scorers Saksham Arya- Accountancy and Business Studies, Jas Kamra-Computer Science. | Class X CBSE Board Exam 2023-24 School Toppers Sherel Rajput-95.8%, Manan Raheja-95.6%, Avni Kapoor-95.4%. | Admission is open for Class XI 2024-25 session for external students. For admission download the Request letter/Form from the school website. Submit the duly filled form along with the required documents at the school gate. | Admission open for session: 2024-25 – Class – Prep onwards. |

Principal's Message



Inderpreet Bhumra

Dear parents and students,

St. Cecilia’s Public School is an institution with a difference. With our school motto laying the foundation of our groundwork on which students thrive, we are proud to be the partners in the creation of numerous prosperous futures. Education for Knowledge, Wisdom, Character and Courage is the drive behind the passion with which we embrace teaching and enhance creativity and talent in the students.

Working as a team to shoulder the responsibility of taking care of the future of children and thereby, future of the country, our vision is to instil the love of learning and recognize the unique worth in each child. We ardently believe in the saying that affirms – “each child is unique, not only capable of learning but also capable of succeeding.”To manifest this, whatever we aim and accomplish is the outcome of the efforts of a dedicated team of zealous teachers. Through our teaching-learning process, we give the gift of acceptance to children with diverse interests who wish to pursue diverse range of career tracks in the times to come.

To give a positive direction to our vision, we have well equipped ourselves with the right kind of infrastructure and technology that kept us going strong before and even during Covid-19 pandemic.

“We need technology in every classroom and in every teacher and student’s hand because it is the lens through which we are experiencing much of the world today.” We embraced the intention behind these words quite early and gave students the provision of learning through smart boards, illustrations, videos, power point presentations, etc. This has helped our students to match their pace with the demands of the current world.

For further holistic development of students, a number of sports coaches work diligently on different sports fields to refine the specific skill sets in them. 

In the similar league of thought, we also have our firm faith in the words – “The capacity to learn is a gift; the ability to learn is a skill; the willingness to learn is a choice.”

Along with a strong emphasis on the first two, we give even greater attention to the third part. We strive to work on the ‘willingness’ of students to be ready to learn the unknown, the new, the fascinating and the discoverable. We attempt to make them seek novel areas of their personality. We offer them the right questions and encourage them to love to explore answers. With this mindset, we dedicate our expertise towards giving a shape to our vision that focuses on the love of learning leading to the blooming of young minds into virtuous, passionate and hard-working individuals. 

With this mission in mind, we look forward to your cooperation and support to march forward on the righteous path with confidence and perseverance.