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Geekoz IT-Club 2023-24
Designation Name of the student Class
President Akshita Sachdeva XII A
Vice President Yogya Bedi XI A
Organizers Sriza Goel XII  A
Organizers Pari Arora XII  A
Organizers Kanishk Bhatia XI A
Organizers Neeti Anand XI A
Organizers Sugandhi Narang XI A
Organizers Ishi Joshi X C
Organizers Ananya Sharma X C
Organizers Punya Bareja X B
Organizers Saumya Bhalla X D
Organizers Jasmine Kaur IX B
Organizers Kaveri Pandey IX B
Organizers Devika Malhotra IX A
Organizers Bhavya Kumar IX D