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“Gender Sensitization Workshop for class IX and X students
  - A step towards inclusivity to create a new India.”

A Gender Sensitization Workshop was organized by St Cecilia’s Public School in hands with SPUWAC, Delhi Police on 02.09.2022. More than 300 students of class IX and X attended the session in the school campus. The informative session was delivered by Ms Richa Dhir, PhD Scholar from Lady Irvin College, Delhi accompanied with Delhi Police Official from SPUWAC, Nanak Pura. The esteemed guests were welcomed with planters presented to them by respected Madam Principal.

The spokesperson aptly provided an overview of the various gender biases, stereotypes and crimes against women, The objectives of the workshop were to create awareness about gender sensitive behaviour among the youth and to inculcate an egalitarian behaviour to foster gender equality. The workshop deliberated on constitutional measures in promoting gender equality; preventive and protective mechanisms on gender based violence; and issues and challenges regarding the safety of adolescents, women and girls in the digital era.  She also discussed on other special laws for women in India. She underlined how crimes against women are also a violation of the right to life. She also touched upon sensitive issues such as sexual offences against children, prevention of atrocities, rape laws, harassment, etc.

Madam Principal graced the session with her benign presence and spoke to the students about the need to rethink our engagements from a gender lens and deconstruct gender stereotypes to pave the way towards a gender sensitive and inclusive environment.

The students appreciated the new perspective shared with them in the session and expressed gratitude to madam Principal for arranging such path breaking sessions.