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Kindly note that Dusshera Break for students is from 1.10.2022 to 5.10 2022. Wish you very Happy Navratri, Gandhi Jàyanti and Dusshera | Congratulations. Class XII CBSE Board Exam 2021-22 School Toppers-Jaanvi Tehlan(96.8%), Harishankar Jaiganesh and Ridhima Arora(96.4%), Gurmann Singh Jaggi(96%) | Congratulations. Class XII CBSE Board Exam 2021-22 100% scorers Chemistry-Gurman Singh Jaggi, Computer Science-Ridhima Arora, Psychology-Jaanvi Tehlan and Anshula, and Physical Education- Jaanvi Tehlan. | Congratulations. Class X CBSE Board Exam 2021-22 100% scorers Hindi-Jasnoor Kaur and Niharika Chhabra, Maths-Saksham Goel, Nirmit Bhatia, Sriza Goel and Krish Jindal and Science-Mehar Bajaj and Sriza Goel. | Congratulations. Class X CBSE Board Exam 2021-22 School Toppers-Nirmit Bhatia(98.2%), Niharika Chhabra and Sriza Goel(97.2%), Rashmeet Kaur(96.8%) | Heartiest Congratulations to all the Class X and XII students for their Outstanding performance in CBSE Board Exam 2021-22. | *** Admission open for Class XI (2022-23) *** | Dear Parent, Please be advised that mode of fee payment from April-2022 will be only through online fee payment link available on school website or Cheque/Cash | Parents are requested to clear the fee dues as early as possible. | Stay safe during COVID-19 pandemic. Wear mask and follow social distancing |

Installation Ceremony 2022

“The purpose of human life is to serve, and to show compassion and the will to help others.”

Installation Ceremony lays down the foundation of the Interact Club of the school that works with the noble agenda to serve the under-privileged and needy.

St. Cecilia’s Public School conducted Installation Ceremony for the academic session 2022-23 on 06 September 2022 in the school premises. It was a great honour to have the benign presence of Worthy Madam Manager Mrs R Bhumra, Revered Director Sir Saroop Sir, Respected Madam Principal Mrs Inderpreet Kaur and all the esteemed guests from the Rotary Club of Delhi South West. Rotarian Vikas Dhingra, the Club President was also a part of the ceremony.

The ceremony began with a formal welcome by the Teacher in-charge, Ms. Mukta Kalra along with an auspicious welcome of the dignitaries with planters by the Student Council team. Subsequent singing of the National Anthem set the tone for the events to occur. It was followed by a divine prayer. Thereafter, a wonderful qawwali presentation was staged by Cecilian boys; showcasing love for the country. Then, a beautiful Bharatnatyam solo dance performance was given by a student of class XI; after which a splendid yoga presentation was applauded by all. With the closure of the cultural fiesta, the pinning ceremony began. Interactors marched zealously on the beat of the drum and were given the badges by the dignitaries with the loud echo of claps from the audience. Oath was taken by the club members to never shirk their duty and make compassion their way of life. A group photograph was clicked next to freeze the cherishable moment.

Guests from the Rotary Club obliged the students by sharing valuable insights from their experience. They encouraged the Club to work with kindness and sensitivity for everyone’s welfare. Also, Madam Principal apprised the newly appointed team members with the importance of leading a life of service to others without ulterior motives. Club appointees were encouraged to lead other students by their example.

The ceremony was culminated with a vote of thanks by Teacher co-incharge, Ms. Kavita Prakash with an expression of gratitude to all for gracing the occasion.