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Workshop for Class IX students


School plays an important role in the personality development of students. This is the need of the hour as it is essential for the holistic development of children and their survival in this competitive world. On 13th January 2020, a Personality Development workshop was organized for students of class IX. The workshop was taken by Mr. Gagandeep Arora, a well known personality development coach.

A discussion on the self, one’s desires, dreams, passions and motivations was taken up with the students. Students were told how important their dreams and desires are for developing the personality. Students were also given tips on how to increase their self esteem. They were also encouraged to be optimistic  and to have a positive approach about everything in life. Most importantly it was emphasized  that they should love themselves and never lose confidence.

The students were motivated to work hard for academic brilliance and also learn various life skills to emerge as strong independent individuals.

The students were told about various public figures and their struggle to build up on the value that one must persist to pursue dreams regardless of what may be the result. Madam Principal Mrs. Inderpreet appreciated the well thought-out workshop that motivated the students to discover themselves.