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Plantation Drive – Small Steps Towards Greener Earth

“Trees are God’s great alphabet: With them He writes in shining green Across the world His thoughts serene”



St Cecilia’s Public School continuously strives to make the Cecilians sensitive and aware towards environment. With the noble mission of making our city green and serene, the school actively joined hands and participated in Delhi Govt. Tree Plantation Drive initiated in the month of August 2019. The motto behind this mega initiative was an effort to reduce air pollution in Delhi which has reached alarming levels. The drive was organized under the patronage and guidance of Madam Principal Ms. Inderpreet.

The Eco Club members along with a group of enthusiastic Cecilians planted more than 60 saplings of herbal and ornamental plants within the school premises. They also energetically carried out the drive in the school by planting tree saplings. Madam Manger Mrs R Bhumra and Madam Principal also planted tree saplings in the school in the presence of staff members to raise awareness and consciousness about environment among all

The students and staff members welcomed and supported the endeavour wholeheartedly. The school has also started gifting plant saplings to all guests as  a gesture to make Earth a greener planet.

Madam Principal appreciated the students and teachers as the plantation drive was a huge success empowering all with substantial knowledge of environment and simultaneously enhancing their social skills. Madam also stated that the main objective of initiating such drives in school is to make our students more conscious of their duty as the citizens of the world to save Mother Earth from further degradation and learn to progress by striking the right balance between sustainability and use of nature’s bounty.