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Workshop on Stress Management


Its not load that breaks you down, it’s the way you carry it.

A workshop on the topic “Stress Management” was conducted on 2nd July 2019 for the teachers of St. Cecilia’s Public School. The workshop was conducted by HT Pace to enlighten the teachers on the various causes of stress and how to deal with the same. The workshop was facilitated by Mr. Bhavesh Suryakant.

Some of the key points discussed are as follows:

  1. Stress can not be removed but can be managed.
  2. If an individual can control his/her agitated mind according to the situation, the stress level automatically reduces.
  3. We can engage oneself in various activities like drawing painting, solving puzzle etc. in order to manage our stress.
  4. Stress is caused due to our working life style, environmental conditions and food habits.
  5. If we learn to manage time stress can be controlled or managed considerably.

The overall session was very interesting as well as interactive.