• F-Block, Vikaspuri, New Delhi-110018
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  • info@cecilia.in
Kindly check the circular dated 30.09.2021 on the school website regarding need for Offline teaching learning system for class IX to XII | Dear Parent, Please be advised that mode of fee payment from July 2021 will be only through online fee payment link available on school website or Cheque/Cash | NEFT/ RTGS services will not be available for the time being. Therefore you are requested not to send fee in Andhra Bank/Union Bank of India Saving Account directly . Regards, Principal | Parents are requested to clear the fee dues as early as possible. | Stay safe during COVID-19 pandemic. Wear mask and follow social distancing |

ADMISSION : 2021-22



St. Cecilia's Public School (Minority)
(Junior Wing)

C-12, Vikaspuri, New Delhi-110018
Registration Form
Admission Schedule: 2021-22
Admission Policy Criteria: Open / Reserved Seats

List of All Applicants

                              List of Applicants :      General Boys

                              List of Applicants :      General Girls

                              List of Applicants :      Sikh Boys

                              List of Applicants :      Sikh Girls

List of Applicants with Weightage Points

Draw of lots for weightage points 50, 55 and 60 for Vikaspuri Junior Wing -all categories will be held on 18.03.2021 at St. Cecilia’s Public School, F-Block vikaspuri at 9:00AM. Only one parent with the Registration Receipt will be allowed to witness the Draw.

General Boys           :           60 Points

General Girls            :           60 Points

General Boys           :           55 Points

General Girls            :           55 Points

General Boys           :           50 Points

General Girls            :           50 Points

Sikh Boys                 :           60 Points

Sikh Girls                  :           60 Points

Sikh Boys                 :           55 Points

Sikh Boys                 :           50 Points

Sikh Girls                  :           50 Points

Instructions for Admissions Class Nursery

List of Eligible Applicants for Admission Class Nursery

                               Selected List    - General Boys

                               Selected List    - General Girls

                               Selected List    - Sikh Boys

                               Selected List    - Sikh Girls

                               Waiting List      - General Boys

                               Waiting List      - General Girls

                               Waiting List      - Sikh Boys

                               Waiting List      - Sikh Girls


















School Status : Minority - EWS / DG Admissions not Applicable